Editorial excerpts

220 Triathlon July 2011

"Verdict 92%. 6000 CX Fast, light, versatile race wheelset. ...the ride is fast, responsive and

Cycling Weekly November 4 2010

„...combined with the super tough nipple design helps make for a very stiff yet light design. The aluminium/carbon clincher 3000 S Carbon comes in at a class leading 1540 g and a not unreasonable £ 985."

RCUK November 2010

„Step forward the 6000 CX wheels with their genuinely innovative solution."
(Richard Hallet) ... more

Tour July 2010

„Aerodynamic, stiff, stops well and yet is relatively light: This balanced performance makes it our overall test winner."
(This winning quote refers to the 6000CX set for tubulars.)

Tour June 2010

„2008's victor, the Citec 3000 S Aero would easily have crossed the line in first place again and remains the bench mark for a perfectly executed all-round wheelset."
(NB. CITEC did not contribute a wheelset to this test.)

TOUR-Test WINNER, Issue 06/2008

"Victory goes to a tried and tested model from Germany: CITEC's 3000 S Aero. This long established classic offers the best all-round performance for a fair price."

... by Richard Hallett
''...has a reputation for durability second to none.
How much of this can be ascribed to the company's patented Power Block System of spoke location at the hub is hard to say, since Citec spokes never seem to break.

RCUK knows of one set of Citec wheels that has been in regular use for more than 10 years without the need for attention...''